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A high percentage of you probably don't think that Mathematics has something for everyone.


 But Mathematics helps you think logically and develops problem-solving skills that will help in your future studies and careers. So instead of being a negative number, be a great numerator with skoool.



1. Symmetry
Learn how to name polygons and how to draw lines of symmetry on a variety of shapes.


2. Axial Symmetry
Learn about axial symmetry and the difference between the axes.


3. Triangle Types
Learn how to recognise and name different types of triangles.


4. Solids
Learn how to name and draw 3-dimensional shapes, such as cylinders, cones, tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids.


5. Planes of Symmetry
Understand how to find planes of symmetry on common solids.


6. Co-ordinates
Understand how to locate points in a 2-dimensional plane using co-ordinates.


7. Cartesian Plane
Understand how to read the co-ordinates of points plotted on the Cartesian plane.


8. Plotting Points in a Quadrant
Learn to plot points on the Cartesian plane using co-ordinates.



9. Angle Types
Learn how to recognise different types of angle - acute, obtuse and reflex.


10. Angle Measure 1: Acute and Obtuse
To be able to construct and measure acute and obtuse angles.

การวัดมุม 1 - มุมแหลมและมุมป้าน

11. Angle Measure 2: Reflex
To be able to construct and measure reflex angles.

การวัดมุม 2 - มุมกลับ

12. Understanding Rotation
Understand and use the language associated with rotations.



13. Rotational Transformations

Learn to transform shapes by rotation using a compass, ruler and protractor.


การแปลงทางเรขาคณิต : การหมุน

14. Bisecting Lines

Learn how to bisect lines and angles using a compass and a straight edge.




15. Pythagoras' Theorem
Learn Pythagoras' Theorem.



16. Using Pythagoras' Theorem
Learn how Pythagoras' Theorem can be used to solve problems with right-angled triangles.




17. Examples of Pythagoras' Theorem Part 1
Learn to apply Pythagoras' Theorem to solve problems.


แบบทดสอบ ทฤษฎีพีทาโกรัส ตอนที่ 1

18. Examples of Pythagoras' Theorem Part 2
Learn to apply Pythagoras' Theorem to solve problems.


แบบทดสอบ ทฤษฎีพีทาโกรัส ตอนที่ 2


19. Trigonometric Ratios
Understand that the trigonometrical ratios are ratios of triangle sides.



20. Finding Angles From Ratios
Learn how to use a scientific calculator to find angles when given a trigonometrical ratio.




21. Multiplying by 10, 100...
Learn how to multiply and divide numbers using powers of 10.

การคูณและการหารด้วย 10, 100, …

22. Summing Decimals
Learn how to add and subtract numbers that have up to 2 decimal places.




23. Ordering Decimals
Learn how to order whole numbers and numbers with up to two decimal places.



24. Variables
Learn how to replace numbers with letters called variables.




25. Terms
Learn what a term is and understand how to collect terms that are alike.



26. Expressions
Learn how to simplify collections of terms called "expressions".




27. Multiplication of Variables
Understand how to multiply variables and terms in expressions.



28. Brackets
Learn how to contain terms in brackets.




29. Algebraic Fractions
Understand how to use fractions when the numerators and denominators contain algebraic expressions.



30. Linear Equations

Learn how to recognise a linear equation.




31. Simultaneous Equations
Learn how to solve simultaneous equations using the elimination method.


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